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"Spencer is not just a talented voice actor with a kind demeanor and a charming personality. He is a guy who can voice all the niche roles no one else can - hulking demon monsters, cranky old geezers, you name it. with his immense range and spot-on performances, Spencer has the ability to "save the day" for any production."


-Kenneth Faircloth, Voice actor

"Spencer Brus is one hell of a voice actor. He's reliable, consistent, and super energetic! The variety of voices he's capable of is no joke, and I'm glad to have had his voice in a multitude of projects over the years. I highly recommend working with him!"


-Shane Talerico, Director


Abe (or Dean)

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Prof. Croak


Spencer Brus has dreamt of being a voice actor since he was 12 years old. It began when he watched the original Transformers cartoon and learned that dozens of cool and different sounding voices were done by a handful of people. since then, Spencer has pushed himself to honing his craft, be it through expanding his range or by improving the quality of his performances. Spencer is driven and dedicated to giving the best quality possible for any project that he is in.  

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